the interconnectedness of our lives

Being aware of the connections between people, the ways in which God graces these connections, and the providential care of God leads to a deeper appreciation of the gifts we have.

A friend of mine celebrates being finished with her breast cancer treatments. That same day, another friend buries his mother who lost her battle with breast cancer. During the same week, my 20-something friend asks me about praying for miracles. Her mother has had surgery to insert the chemo port as she begins her physical battle with this disease. This friend has asked that we pray for a particular saint’s intercession so that her mom’s cancer will be cured.

Why do we pray for miracles?

The simple act of praying unites our heart with God. Being in relationship with God is, in and of itself, a miracle. And yet, we want more. We know God’s healing power. We hear about how Jesus, and then Peter, healed those who were sick. And we know of modern-day miracles of physical healing through intercession of particular saints.

As I consider these things, I hope that I can help my friend understand.

I hope to continue to sort this out these next days and months, all the while asking for God’s grace.

Beloved God, help me to understand.

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