what’s at the center?

My daughter, a freshman in college, has been struggling of late. She’s known since, well, as long as I can remember, that she’s wanted to “do” international relations. It was her focus throughout high school, and was the determining factor in which schools she sent applications to. She would tell you that her life changed as a result of 9/11, and because of that, her life’s goal is to make the world a place of understanding and peace.

Today, she is re-thinking it all. Not because she’s given up on making the world better, but because she’s seeing things though different lenses. She’s beginning to realize that she can help make the world a place of understanding and peace through finding something she feels passionate about. It’s a both/and. She can study about the environment and earth sciences and use that knowledge for making a  better world.

The saints I know-the living saints-do this well. They see the world a bit differently. They know in their hearts that their calling in life has to do with God’s purpose. And yet, they may not articulate it exactly in this way. Deep down, though, living God’s purpose drives their interactions and decisions. At their core, whether they are an accountant or a laborer or a mystic, God is at the center. This truth makes for a beautiful holiness.

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